Corporate Jet Aircraft Acquisition Strategy

We are a leading aviation consulting firm established to provide comprehensive services to high net worth individuals, private and public sector corporations. Our company specializes in providing completely impartial advice and counsel on corporate jet aircraft acquisitions.

The concept we offer our clients is a completely new approach that we believe most aircraft brokers are unable to match. Prospective clients should feel comfortable using our independent and unbiased services instead of approaching an aircraft broker directly. We want you to hear the straight facts from us, and not the facts somebody else with a vested interest in the sale of a specific aircraft wants you to hear.

Brokers often have conflict of interest issues which do not become apparent until later in the transaction, especially in the area of commissions. We are able to offer expert advice which can benefit clients who are making a first time or repeat acquisition, or have been dissatisfied with a previous transaction.

This is made possible because we do not accept commissions, allowances, or considerations of any kind from aircraft brokers, financial institutions, lawyers, or from the seller directly.

At the core of our acquisition strategy is the belief that it is possible to acquire exactly the right aircraft at the right price for our clients. We like to be within a frame work that is transparent to the client, honestly administered with ethical accountability. This allows our clients to ask the tough questions to help them commit to a multi-million dollar transaction.